Hello world!

Hello world!

Well… as the title says… Hello World!!

I never would have thought I would start a blog… why? what for? I am certainly not *that* interesting to be read about. But then, I decided to take a different career path. I left my previous bank job to become a mom for the third time and decided I was not going back. It wasnt me. and Found something that IS me. I trained to become a Doula.

what? yes…. a Doula… why? well.. first hand experience of this fantastic job (if you can even call it that) for me, its not a job, but its rather turning into part of my life. its too early to call it a passion, but a love is close enough. It is quite exciting and yet a bit scary. How am I going to juggle being a mom and a wife and anything in between to also add Doula to the mix? well, I have no idea! but Im willing to give it my best.

Its eary days, I dont know whether Im coming or going, and dont know what to write about just yet, but Im sure I will soon, and before I know it I’ll start writting things without even thinking about it *fingers crossed*

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