How Long?

How Long?

I cannot believe how long its been since I posted my first entry.

A lot of things have happened since then. I have finally moved to Aberdeenshire and absolutely love our new home. The children are enjoying all the open spaces we have and i enjoy having a room where i can shut the door at the end of the day and all the toys dissapear behind it. Our children have grown so so much. Our youngest is not a baby any more but an 18moth old toddler who is so independent makes my heart swell every time she masters some task each day.

I havent done much about my Doula side of life as I wanted to settle into the new house and the new area before i did. I have found fantastic friends here, which has helped me find comfort in leaving my old friends. one of them is a fellow Doula who has kindly stretched her network to include me. and through her, I have finally taken on my first Client.

its been a true rollercoaster of experiences and changes in our household. most importantly is that our family will be extended to accomodate another little person due in November. A fantatic surprise. The children are so excited to have a new baby brother or sister, they cannot stop talking to the baby in my tummy and are very excited for him/her to be born. I have to admin I am really looking forward to the birth, Im not sure how ill be able to cope with such a loud and demanding family, but we will just have to.

More of life and other bits another time


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